April 10, 2017


Why do shoppers love Yroo?

  • the largest selection of merchants and products available anywhere
  • unbiased search utility to research and discover merchants and products
  • complete and transparent pre-purchase information
  • no checkout, no pressure

Why do merchants love Yroo?

  • we attract more shoppers to your store
  • requires zero maintenance, your products are updated automatically every day
  • no commission or additional fees
  • cost is low and fixed at only $19.99/month
  • we raise brand awareness
  • we provide ongoing marketing and retargeting opportunities

How many daily visitors does Yroo have?

Over 100,000 each day.

How many searches are done on Yroo?

Over 136,000 are performed by shoppers each day.

How much is the Yroo Shopify app?

Yroo is only $19.99/month with no commission or additional fees.

What is our demographic?

Our primary market is the United States with 78% of our traffic coming from this region. The remaining 22% is spread out between the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil.

We are evenly split between males and females with our largest age demographic, at 43%, being people between the ages of 18-35 and the next largest group being between people the ages of 35-44. 

How does the Yroo Shopify app work?

The Yroo app simply imports your entire catalog onto our site making all your products searchable by millions of active shoppers. If someone is interested in buying one of your products they simply click on the image and are redirected to your site where they can make learn more about you.

What work is involved to be a part of the platform?

There is no work required on your part! Getting the app takes only a few simple clicks and then our team takes it from there. With our Shopify partnership, we upload all your products onto Yroo and we update your products daily. This way we ensure we have all your latest products, are only offering products that are in-stock and that every product is shown at the correct price.

Do you have a feel trial?

Yes, we offer a free 7-day trial.

When does my free trial start?

Your free trial starts as soon as your store is approved. You will receive an email letting you know when your free trial has started.

What are the requirements to get on Yroo?

We require that you ship to the US and/or Canada as well as that your product images be a minimum of 464 x 464 pixels. This is because we know that a great image leads to higher clicks and better site traffic.

How long do I have to sign up for?

There is no minimum sign up period. 

How long does it take to install the app and get everything done?

It only takes a few minutes with 3 easy steps to complete! Yroo’s approval process typically takes only a few days.

How can I measure my success on Yroo?

Once active on Yroo you can track your success with your real-time dashboard that shows you how your store is doing. 

I am searching on Yroo but my products aren’t showing up in search results. How do I fix this?

If your products aren’t showing up in search results it likely has to do with your product description. You want to make sure they are as detailed as possible so that you show up in all relevant search results! 

If your question is not answered here please reach out to our team by emailing shopify-support@yroo.com.