April 7, 2017


Online sales have been slow for my business as we’re trying to do a lot of in-person sales at farmer’s markets and tradeshows. That said, we picked up the app in hopes that we could get some steady traffic and possibly ramp up on sales. I signed up on January 18th and have since had 1.3K additional site views and our sales have steadily increased!

If your looking for additional traffic and sales to your site, this app is definitely worth it. Easy to install, support team is quick to answer any questions. Simply install the app, wait for approval and then your products are listed on Yroo. We have had an increase in traffic and are sales are growing. Don’t miss out on this app!!!

Really great app. Easy to install and does what it promises. It was also easy to get a real live person on the phone to talk to when I had questions. No brainer app for all Shopify store owners.

This app is great for exposure. It currently brings in about 30% of my site traffic and the customer support is excellent. The staff checks in with me every so often to make sure everything is okay and to see if I have any suggestions. I’m still waiting for a sale but for the price, it is my top advertiser. Highly recommended. Check me out at www.jubileefavors.com

This is a very great app to consider when looking for exposure and sales! The $19.99 is worth it, considering I have spent way more on advertising than that. The amount of traffic it generates is great – plus they like my tweets! 😛 Good app, good people.

Learn more about Yroo here.